About - James Perkins

Hey there!

I'm James Perkins. Thanks for coming to the site and checking out my photography, I appreciate you taking the time to look at it.  I've been taking photographs for the majority of my life. From buying disposable Kodak Cameras, to using my Dad's digital Canon camera, to buying my own dSLR and taking it with me on all of my trips, I have always enjoyed capturing moments.

I started out like most photographers by taking pictures of anything and everything around me. I experimented with all of the different functions of a camera, different lighting techniques, and different subjects. I focused in on fashion and portraiture photography while I was in college. I was the photography director of the Iowa State University Revival Fashion magazine for two years, but found my passion for landscape photography on a two week road trip from Minneapolis to San Francisco, down to LA, and finally back to Minneapolis. Ever since I have put the majority of my photographic energy into researching and finding spots to photograph on future travels. Road trips are my preferred way of travel for vacation - what better way to experience the land that surrounds you?

My biggest inspiration is Ansel Adams. If you haven't noticed, I lean heavily towards black and white photography. I like to focus on how highlights and shadows add emotion to a scene.  I also greatly admire the work that he did to preserve and protect our public lands and for the National Park System.

I still do portrait photography and have made my way into the wedding photography business. You can contact me through email if you would like to hire me!  You can see more of my portrait photography on my Flickr and Instagram account. Please give both accounts a follow if you're interested in keeping up with my adventures and seeing life through my eyes!